American Flag-Themed Bottle Opener

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This beautiful American flag bottle opener is perfect for any house or bar! The 7-inch by 13-inch cherry board consists of a red and blue epoxy-filled laser engraved American flag. The board also includes a magnet at the bottom to catch bottle caps. This product comes with two different wall attachment options. Both are included with every purchase.


Instructions for Attachment: Two attachment options are available with each purchase. The first includes screwing the heavy-duty sawtooth hanger to the back of the board and then hanging the bottle-opener to the wall like a picture frame. The other involves the two longer screws included with your board. For this option, first, remove the top screw of the bottle opener and the center screw of the magnet. Then using the two other longer screws, match each screw to the correct spot, and then secure it into the wall using a drill. The sawtooth hanger is installed with purchase, but can be removed at your convenience.