State of Wisconsin Metal Sign

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When it comes to the midwest region of the USA, there is one state that shines above all the others. Wisconsin has everything you could ever dream of and it truly is a spectacular land. In an effort to bring the magic of Wisconsin to life, the Spartan Manufacturing team has designed a sleek metal sign for you and your home. The outside perfectly matches the cracks and crevices of the Wisconsin border, while the middle holds tediously designed letters that spell out the one of a kind name our state has. From the Mississippi to Lake Michigan, every side of the border is carved with great detail. The citizens of Wisconsin deserve a product that symbolizes their state pride, and now they have it. If you or someone you know is a Wisconsin fanatic then this is the sign you’re looking for. The sign is durable, attractive, easy to hang, and best of all, it is quite affordable. Even if you live in Iowa or something, you should consider bringing home this extravagant metal sign. When you see it hanging on the wall it will act as a reminder so you think about how splendid your northeast neighbors are. Hopefully you share in the Wisconsin love that so many of us have, and you buy a sign to celebrate the astounding beauty of our state.