Wisconsin Badgers Football Field Cutting Board

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Over the years Spartan Manufacturing has grown to master the art of building cutting boards. We started out as novices in the cutting board industry, but after years of hard work and passion we have become artisans of the cutting board universe. The latest installment in our cutting board family of products is this intricately decorated display of football glory. If you’re a fan of Wisconsin Badgers football, one of these cutting boards will be a game changer during game time and mealtime! The fine folks at Spartan Manufacturing have given you a once in a lifetime opportunity to transport the field of Camp Randall all the way to your kitchen counter. Every detail of the gridiron has been perfectly applied to the surface of a sturdy, rectangular, hardwood board. When you see that football field cutting board feel free to let your imagination run wild. The next time you go to chop up some veggies, pretend that you are Jonathan Taylor breaking tackles on the way to the endzone. The next time you crush a garlic clove, imagine that your knife is JJ Watt sacking the Quarterback for an 8 yard loss. Our cutting boards will allow you to slice ingredients with the confidence of a ninja. These boards are fun to use, and unbelievably high quality allowing you to metaphorically move the chains with your home cooking. If you want to feel like a football player while whipping up some amazing cuisine, pretend the cutting board is a football and throw one of these bad boys into your cart today!