Custom RPG Dice

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These dice are cast from resin and are the standard size of 16mm each. The mass of the set of seven dice is 1.77 oz. The dice included make up the standard set of RPG dice; D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100. The color of the dice can be customized and chosen by the buyer. Included with the set of custom dice is a custom holding bag which can be adorned with a custom design colored to the buyer’s selection. The customer can select any one or two of our 15 epoxy colors, along with the color and design on the dice bag, the design will be screen printed onto the bag. In total this completely custom set of high quality resin dice cost $40. If you don't see the bag image option you like, click on the custom button and we will reach out to you and help design a custom logo bag special for you. We also offer the option to create a combination of two epoxy colors in your dice set. If you would like a combination of two colors or a custom color other than black for your bag design than reach out to us at